Find Your MOJO and Keep it to stay On track


Stop allowing food to control you. Turn things around and stop dieting to control your cravings and non hungry/emotional eating. This is the only way to lose and keep your weight off.

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There are so many diets to try in the community, that it often all gets confusing. STOP looking for strict rules to control your non-hungry eating. I will give you a 100% guarantee, you will fail each time.  I know this sounds nasty, but stop repeating history, that fails you each time.

Instead learn how to achieve the following, to control your cravings for life, in the 90min workshop:

  1. Make food your friend rather than the enemy
  2. Never diet again in your life
  3. Stop forbidding food, to reduce your cravings
  4. Learn how to stop self sabotaging and over eating for days, weeks or months
  5. Eat a little of everything guilt free
  6. Control your sweet tooth
  7. How to stay accountable

This will be a casual, fun and interactive workshop, that will provide you with everything you need to know to control your non-hungry eating during all emotional situations.

Location:  Mulgrave, At Uniquely Transformed Gym.

Date:  Thursday 15th August 

Time:  10.30am – 12pm

Fee: $89.95

Limited seats: Max. 10 people


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