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  1. Do you vomit or experience discomfort regularly when you eat?
  2. Has your weight loss hit a stand still or plateaued and you want to lose more?
  3. Are you planning or considering to have Lap Band surgery?

Let leading expert Bariatric Dietitian Helen Bauzon show you how to work in partnership with the Lap Band and help you regain your health and zest for life by losing weight permanently and keeping it off.

Helen provides a 1min 17sec video clip explaining the benefit of her two lap band e-books below.

Dear struggling, future and all Lap Banders,

Are you struggling to live with the lap Band? Do you wish it was easier to eat ‘normal food’ pain free, rather than living on soups, casseroles and junk food? Are you unsure of the solutions to successfully lose weight, meet your nutritional needs, manage the daily fluctuations of ‘yesterday I could eat it, why not today’ ? Do you know what and how much to eat?

It is time to learn how to live with the Lap Band.

Weight loss with the Lap Band is like dating!!!

It’s extremely exhilarating initially, the weight quickly and easily melts away. You feel close to no hunger and your interest in food is normally diminished.

You will have your ups and downs as you initially learn how to respond appropriately to the demands of the Lap Band initially and long term.

But most importantly………. like dating, relationships require commitment and effort. Acknowledging that you need to work in partnership with the Lap Band, will help you overcome your fear of “will this work” and ensure that the answer is yes.

It only takes 7 1/2 steps to achieve your weight loss goal with the Lap Band.

How do I know?

I have counseled well over 3000 individuals who have had Lap Band surgery. After years of experience, I have successfully pieced together the needs of the banded community, apply this content into all of my consultations, DVD’s and book ‘The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential’.

“I thoroughly recommend this book to all with Gastric Bands, as it works! Patients find it easy, encouraging, and they quickly learn the healthy eating habits that lead to their goal, ie. becoming slimmer, fitter and happier.” –  Dr Kathryn De ‘ Garis, Lap Band Physician

“I am absolutely amazed at the content. Why wasn’t I told this 3 years ago when I had the band????? I could have avoided a lot of problems. I started to chew food like you said and today for the first time I had a slice of wholegrain bread with tuna. From now on you are going to be ST. HELEN in my book. I have sent for the three DVD’s and I am going to follow every word. I am Italian and a chef and I eat differently. I have not touched rice or pasta for 3 years, have lost 40 kg but recently had the band emptied because of problems ( mainly due to regurgitation) and have put on 10 kg. I hate it!!!!! Thank you again, I would come and see you and sit at your feet, but I live 3 hours away damn it.” – G.Gvagna

“The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential was the best information I have received prior to my operation. After looking for information through various websites, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, but then I came across The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential and it was the best information I have received prior to my operation. It made me feel well prepared for my first few weeks at home. It was money well spent and the recipes are fantastic. Thank you very much for my life saver book and I congratulate you on what you do. Looking forward for your next book. Thanks” – Lina DiFalco

So what’s discussed ?

In over 200 pages, OF LAP BAND ‘KNOW HOW’ I am going to show you:

  1. Fluid Phase: Which fluids, types, volume to consume immediately post your Lap Band surgery
  2. How to manage nausea, hunger and constipation during the fluid phase
  3. Transition onto solid food, including breakfast, lunch and dinner meal ideas
  4. How to chew your food pain free
  5. Long term diet; ideal balance of protein, carbohydrate and total nutrition
  6. 3 day meal plan
  7. When it’s the right time for an adjustment
  8. Recipes for each dietary phase
  9. Problem shooting suggestions, commonly faced by Lap Banders
  10. Monitor your progress, food diary charts, weight and medical charts

Okay so what’s the cost for this Lap Banders bible?

Well, realize that this banders companion could easily sell for over $65, it is PACKED with Step-By-Step information that you can DIRECTLY apply to your lifestyle TODAY, to begin losing weight and working with the Lap Band.

The content in the Gastric Band Nutrition Essential is so DETAILED, that if you never saw a specialist Bariatric Dietitian such as Helen Bauzon, you would still be previewed to the dietetic information essential for you to succeed.

In fact, your total investment for your copy of ‘The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential’

The Ultimate Guide to succeeding with the Lap Band is only $19.95



That’s how confident I am that you will absolutely love it and that it will be the best $19.95 you will EVER spend for your Lap Band care.

But, in case that you’re not completely thrilled with ‘The Gastric Band Nutrition Essential’, you may return it with a note within 30 days of your purchase, describing why you are disappointed and we will issue a full refund for what you paid for the ebook.


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