Increase Your Passive Income & Diversify – Monday 30th September WEBINAR


Learn how to automate components of your service to add more value for your clients and reduce your workload while increasing your income, on registering you will receive the link to attend the webinar

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As an educator of health or business such as a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Business consultant, Lawyer, Chiropractor, Surgeon etc,  every single  profession has a repetitive element.  That is there is some core information that you need to discuss with your client during your initial consultation.

There is an alternative option, to remodel how you conduct your initial consultation to help you:

  1. Reduce your workload per consultation
  2. Provide more value to your client in the detail you can discuss during your initial consultation
  3. Get paid upfront and avoid loss income due to fail to attends
  4. Increase your consultation fee, by providing your services as a package rather than just a consultation
  5. This method of education also provides an exact level of consistency and accuracy of detail relayed to the client


Via the following method, that your client undertakes prior to their consultation with you:

  1. Client pays for access to the video presentation, that they can access anytime independent of you.
  2. To access the video, an email is sent to the client
  3. The fee paid upfront covers the fee to watch the presentation and their initial consultation with you
  4. Video content is protected by the link automatically expiring after a chosen time frame

Once the client has watched the presentation, they will have obtained the core information that you would like to know about their personal situation. During the initial consultation, further clarification will be offered of the various options available to move forward.

Previous Attendees Feedback

Helen provided practical, easy-to-follow guidance that I could apply immediately to help create a growth in my private practice business. She is very approachable, down to earth and has lots of knowledge on how to fast-track your business growth. I would certainly recommend her services.
Thanks Ola Luczak

Thanks for your generosity with the time. You have a unique skill set and I came away inspired. I need a couple of weeks off now to action everything!
Thanks Jocelyn Clarke
Helen’s work shop was informative very inspiring and helpful. After the workshop, we felt motivated to implement all the great ideas for our business. Thank you for your time Helen.
Regards, Ebru and Brett

Details Of What Will Be Covered

  1. How to create your videos with a variety of
    1. face to camera or
    2.  power point using screen saver
  2. The ideal marketing template to create a video to educate, inspire your client to want more
  3. The software required to create the videos and protect your content
  4. The exact process to create your membership site with all the different videos to meet each of you clients needs
  5. Details of how this automation has been used in Helen’s dietetic, health coaching and business coaching to diversify your passive income


So what is the cost?  NOTHING.  FREE.

  • There will be no sales pitch at the beginning, listening to my life story for the first 20mins and get bored.  I have been through so many of those.  So annoying.  This is purely information giving
  • There will be no on selling
  • It is purely information giving, networking opportunity and me giving back to those who need help.

A small personal input now.  Only through these automation methods, have I been able to get out of a financial difficult time back 7 years ago.  I worked countless hrs where I didn’t see my family much at all.  Do not fall into the same quick sand if you are sinking now, come and learn how to get out of it.  I will show you how to to avoid this rut,  teaching you to simply package your services differently to increase your income and get some breathing space to work on the business.

If we are good fit, come along and have a listen.  It is more about what will you miss out if you don’t come and what that will cost you?



Monday 30th September, (to help avoid you taking time off work)

7 – 8pm

Limited to 20 places only


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